engl 302 Minor Assignment for Session 4 (Analyzing Negative Messages)

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Objective: After completing this preparatory assignment, you will be able to identify and apply the characteristics of organization and style in negative messages. In addition, you will be able to articulate criteria for an effectively designed website and evaluate a website accordingly.

Rationale: Negative messages constitute a rhetorically complicated and challenging terrain: In a negative message the writer must convey less-than-ideal news or feedback to an audience. In addition, the writer must preserve goodwill by ensuring the audience understands and accepts the message despite its containing information they may not wish to receive. This assignment asks that you create and then analyze a negative message in which you are critiquing and giving feedback on the design of a website.

Directions: For this assignment, you will compose a hypothetical email in which you deliver a negative message in the form of an evaluation and critique of the quality, design, and usability of of the Yale Art School (Links to an external site.) website. This brief email, sent to the hypothetical designer of the website, will offer rigorous and thorough feedback on a typical user’s experience of the website. However, this email must also abide by and conform to the expectations and standards of negative messages in terms of their organization (structure) and style (tone). You may like to consult the textbook as you compose your message.

After composing your message, you will then use the Comment feature of your word processing program to highlight and identify each of the relevant and important parts of the organization of a negative message. In addition to succinctly identifying the parts, your comments should briefly note the purpose and utility of the part in question.

Note that although you can use the textbook’s terminology, you should not quote the textbook’s explanations for those terms.

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