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Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook (Foster): Chapter 15, 21
  • Textbook (Charters):
    • Gabriel Garcia Marquez – “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”
  • Lecture 1, 2

With “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” we see an angel who has arrived to collect our main characters’ son. This is his mission. This is his quest. However, due to his crash-landing and imprisonment, the angel is unable to complete his goal.

Consider “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” from multiple angles.

Initial Post Instructions
First, do Foster’s requirements for a quest apply to a character whose mission is thwarted from the start? Is there any difference between the “stated reason to get there” and the “real reason” (Foster 3) when a character is so quickly imprisoned?

Whether or not you believe in angles, accept the conceit of their abilities for our discussion. Why is the angel unable to complete his mission? Why can’t he overpower mankind? Why isn’t an additional angel sent to bring the son to heaven? Is Marquez making a statement about humanity with this story?

Secondary Post Instructions
Read through your classmates’ posts and respond. If you agree with your classmate(s) opinion(s) of the angel’s mission and Marquez’s statement, explore both of those ideas more thoroughly. Bring up specific moments from the tale that back up your opinion. If you disagree, find moments from the story that back up your point of view and moments from the story that help your classmate(s) case that you must take into account in any possible refutation to their claims.

Writing Requirements

  • In addition to one initial post, respond to at least two peers.
  • Initial Post Length: minimum of 250 words
  • Secondary Post Length: minimum of 200 words per post
  • Using APA format, incorporate appropriate in-text citation(s) referring to the academic concept with corresponding works cited page for the initial post.

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