Employee self evaluation

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Background of the employeeShe has a B.S D Degree. First 3 years she assisted the budget coordinator and help with employee files. This last year she’s been training with the payroll clerk(. She’s also the back up for the front desk. She’s when working as a staff 2 going on 4 years. She feels like she doesn’t hold vaule to department. She would like to train more so that she can move up in the department. She would like to take classes to help her move up in the department

3. What are some examples of how you portray the County’s core values: Humbleness, Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Respect and Discipline? Edit

4 What suggestions do you have to improve your department, branch or division (such as workflow, assisting citizens, preventing accidents, cost savings, employee morale, etc.)

5 What training and development have you had this year (coursework, shadowing other staff members, projects, visits, staff meetings, etc.) and how have you been able to apply it to your job? Edit

6 What training and development would help you to be more successful in your job? Edit

7 When considering your overall duties and responsibilities, can you describe any changes to your daily tasks you feel would help you to achieve greater results within your position? Keep working on the roster and

8 Are there any changes to your personal outlook, performance or work habits you feel would help you to achieve greater results within your position? Edit

9 Are there any other points you would like to discuss at your review meeting?

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