Elected Leadership assignment

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Elected Leadership

Read Five Characteristics of an Effective School Board: A Multifaceted Role, Defined (Griffin & Ward, 2006) Included is a list and a brief description of what some researchers have determined to be the essential characteristics necessary for a school board to be effective. The second article, School Board Governance Best Practices (XQ Institute, 2019), focuses on the successful characteristics of school districts, which have demonstrated effective governance. When we think of the word “effective” in this sense, we look at the school or district as having a positive impact on improvements in student learning, both school-wide and district-wide.

School boards are usually composed of local elected individuals. They may have a strong desire to influence or help their local school district, but, as elected individuals, they may also have political interests or aspirations. This can cause significant challenges when school boards try to develop internal goals and beliefs.

After reading these two articles, write four to five paragraphs, to explain what you believe to be common descriptive characteristics of effective school boards.

  • Describe the similarities and differences that you find in the two articles.
  • Which do you think are the most important attributes for school boards and school board members to possess?
  • To tie this research to Edmond’s work on Effective Schools, what effective schools characteristics do you see in the two articles? Are there similarities or differences?

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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