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I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

I submitted my essay 3 last week, my professor didn’t mentioned enough details about how to write essay and I got 125/250. I talked to him to de do it , if you have any questions let me know and if I don’t know the answer I will send message to professor. please I need help. Also, please see below what professor commented to my 3rd essay … I will attach everything that relate to essay 3


*** How to write essay – This powerPoint will walk you through how to write essay

*** research guidelines – This PowerPoint will walk you through the basics of conducting research online with the MCC Library Databases.

*** Writing summaries – This PowerPoint will review summarizing and paraphrasing.

*** 2 docs for sample student essay

*** “A good man is hard to find” story

*** my essay 3

*** my first essay just to take look at

Please let me know if you receive 8 docs because I’m not sure if study pool lets me to attach more than 5 docs

Here I will paste essay 3 requirements (which is the essay you will work on)

For your third essay, you will be writing a research paper on one of the works we’ve read this semester. Your paper should have 4-6 sources (not including the story itself). All sources MUST come from the Macomb Community College Library databases (likely ProQuest or JStor). Your essay should be at least 5 pages typed, double spaced.

1. What is the central conflict in “Trying to Find Chinatown?” Who is the protagonist, and who is the antagonist?

2. Research the topic of race. How do the two characters in “Trying to Find Chinatown” fit these definitions? Does one character’s definition seem to be more in line with your research than the other?

3. Examine the two female leads in “Trifles.” What type of characters would you classify them as? How do they compare to other female characters from plays or stories from that time period?

4. Revise your first essay. If you choose this option, be sure to meet with me to discuss how you’re going to go about it.

( I picked fourth one “Revise my first essay”)

my professor commented to my 3 essay: This is a good effort but it doesn’t really address any of the essay prompts. Make sure to follow along with the step by step guidelines. Also, the formatting and citing is off. Look at the sample essay for guidance. You still need to start by picking ONE of the protagonist types from the PowerPoint to classify him as. Once you do this, that will become your research topic.

Here I will paste first essay requirements

Essay 1

Your first essay will be a character analysis. You can either answer one of the prompts below, or come up with your own topic (as long as you clear it with me). Use evidence from the text to support whatever your main thesis is (being sure to cite in MLA). Feel free to use any of the character definitions we’ve covered in the PowerPoints in class without citing (round, flat, static, dynamic, etc.). Your essay should be 2-3 pages typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font, in MLA format.


1. Who is the protagonist in “The Lottery”? What kind of protagonist are they, and how do we know this?

2. What type of character is Montresor in “The Cask of Amontillado”? How does his role as narrator affect how we view him?

3. Examine the character of the Misfit in “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Is he a villain, an antihero, or something else?

4. Examine one of the characters other than Tessie Hutchinson in “The Lottery.” What type of character are they, and what purpose do they serve in the narrative?

5. Examine one of the characters other than the Misfit in “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” What type of character are they, and what purpose do they serve in the narrative?

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