East Asian Thought in Compara

Choose one question only. Questions are as follows:

  1. What is the necessity of proper order?
  2. How does East Asian law differ from Western law?
  3. Explain moral markets.
  4. Fully explain Confucian moral theory and practice.
  5. Explain the significance of the family and the importance of ritual.
  6. Why is Confucius important?

You must answer the question using both lectures and Yao

How will the essays be graded?

Your graders will be looking for three things:

1.Does the essay present an argument that answers the question chosen by the student?

2.Are there references to the book and lectures to support the essay’s argument?

3.Is the text well-structured and in compliance with formatting requirements?

If your essay satisfies the three criteria above, you will do well regardless of which specific argument you use. Any citation of the course material that serves to support an argument that answers your question will be accepted as a valid source.

How long should the essay be?

6-8 pages, not including the citations page.

What formatting should I use?

Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, one inch margins.

Do I need to cite both lectures and readings?

Yes. You should cite both the lectures and readings in your papers.

Can I use outside sources?

You may not use outside sources (i.e. a book that’s not assigned in the syllabus).

How do I cite a lecture?

You need to provide date of the lecture when you cite the lectures. We don’t particularly care about the format of your citation (i.e. APA, etc.). It can simply be something like “POLI 113A Lecture, September 27, 2021”.

Can I cite lectures from a previous year?

No. Please only cite lectures given during the Fall 2021 quarter.

I am enrolled in Section [A00], can I cite lectures from [B00]? What’s my enrolled section?

You can check which section you are enrolled in on WebReg. In general, the [A00] lectures should be very close to the [B00] lectures. We highly encourage you to follow your enrolled section only, and cite the lectures accordingly.

How many citations do I need?

Around at least 3-5 citations per page.

When citing the book and lectures, do we have to paraphrase them? Or is it ok if we include quotes?

It is ok to include quotes, but they should be short and few. Ideally no more than 3 short quotes in the whole paper. You should prioritize using your own words to answer the question. For clarification on citations, paraphrases, and quotes, please read this class announcement:

We expect you to cite the book and lectures multiple times in your essay. As said on the FAQ page, we expect between 3-5 citations per page.

Here it is crucial to clarify the difference between citations, paraphrases, and quotes. When you cite something, you can be paraphrasing it or quoting it. In order words, every citation comes with either a paraphrase or a quote.

For example, this is a citation with a paraphrase (using your own words to convey the meaning of what the source says):

According to Yao (2000), Confucianism postulates that proper order is necessary (p. x)

And this is a citation with a quote (reproducing the exact words from your source):

Yao (2000, p. x) states that “according to scholars in the Confucian tradition, proper order is necessary.”

Quotes are allowed, but we expect you to prioritize paraphrases and minimize quotes

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Assignment Solutions


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