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The article I chose is called Teaching Problem Solving Let Students Get Stuck and Unstuck. The main purpose of this article is about students encountering problems in school and ways to solve them.

The key question that the author is presenting is how teachers can identify and use problem solving skills to help students with problems students endure in the classroom dealing with school work.

The most important information in the article is the many examples that are listed in the article based on Kate Mills experience teaching 4th graders for 10 years.

The key conclusions that the author presented are that a classroom environment that helps turn students into problem solvers is very much needed. That by students using that method they will begin to work smarter and come up with there own methods to solve there school work.

The most important ideas one would need to understand in order to understand the arthor’s line of reasoning is not only students can use problem solving ways to help themselves but also people themselves in whatever career there in.

The main assumptions were that she was mainly just addressing helping students methods but not mention that the teachers have to apply those skills to themselves.

The main point of view of this article is that the arthor Kate is sharing her experiences of teaching problem solving skills to her students over the course of 10 years and what she things present day teachers can gain from having to face the same issue with students having school problems and don’t know how to go move forward.



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