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1. Some people use the concept of “personal control” to describe the application of business feedback control model to individual careers. Thinking about your school performance and career plans. which steps of the control process have you been applying effectively? How do you keep track of your performance in meeting your career and life goals? How do you measure your success?

2. Choose a brand that you like or are familiar with. Identify and explain the elements of its “promotional mix”. Do you think all the elements are integrated, resulting in an “IMC” campaign, or do you think the messages from various sources are inconsistent?


  • Please address all parts of the question.
  • Read the relevant sections in the book before participating in this discussion.
  • Check to see if anyone else has already discussed the brand or campaign you are considering before responding to this question. Choose another brand if this is the case.
  • Include links to the sources of any information used in your response to this question.

3. Find one example each of the different types of advertising (pioneering, competitive, reminder). Explain why you think they fall within these specific categories. In your example for the competitive ad, is the ad “comparative” or not? Similarly, is the reminder ad “reinforcing” anything?

For each of your examples, what kind of appeal does it use (rational v. emotional; for the latter, also mention the specific emotional appeal)? Do you think the appeal fits with the product and target audience characteristics?


  • As always, please complete the discussion postings only after reading the corresponding sections in the book and slides.
  • Your example may contain elements of other “types”; for example, a reminder ad could also have a persuasive element, making it “competitive”. This is okay, so long as you mention what the dominant “type” is (e.g. is it mostly reminder with certain minor elements of competitive ads, etc).
  • The examples can be from television, radio, newspaper, or outdoor advertising. Please link to the URL for each ad, or attach it as a scanned image to your post (the latter for print ads you found elsewhere). If you are unable to find either the actual ad or its online version, please at least try and explain the content.

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