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The nursing profession is dependent on both practice and theory as the two are cyclical and reciprocal and form the basis of the profession. Therefore, for a professional nurse to effectively conduct their duties, they must be well versed with nursing theory and then practice it. A theory helps the care provider to determine what they already know and what they don’t know which in turn gives them the basis to make informed decisions (Foth et al., 2017).

The theory of nursing as caring is one crucial grand nursing theory that was developed to guide nursing practice. The theory is grounded in four critical assumptions that basically states that all human are caring persons (Foth et al., 2017). It perceives human beings as naturally caring therefore suggesting that nurses should utilize it as a foundation of care. However, in the line of duty nurses might come into a dilemma specifically when dealing with two contradicting issues. For instance, based on our scenario, a nurse may find it difficult to decide on whether to provide care to a criminal who has been admitted from a crime scene. In such, a nurse should fully provide the relevant care to the patient without judging their immoral act. Notably, caring in nursing is not limited to treatment; therefore a nurse should focus on treating the client and providing other services that would help the change the patient’s immoral behaviors such as counseling.

Transition theory suggests that care providers need to consider patients’ level of comfort and proficiency in dealing with changes and differences to provide effective and quality care . In my current practice, transition theory applied when nurses step in and act as the therapeutic medium to help patients transform from unhealthy to a healthy state. Personally, I exercise transition by overseeing the health and wellness of old people, which include providing them with education and treating them.


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