DISCUSSION POST: Quasi-Experimental Design

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1) Create a nonequivalent comparison groups design for evaluating the effectiveness of a parent education program for parents at high risk for child abuse. What would you do to assure the readers of your study that the threat of selection bias seems remote? Provide a description of the dependent variable, and when and how it would be measured.

2) Imagine you have been hired by the Florida Department of Corrections as a consultant to evaluate one of its prisoner reentry programs in which inmates are sent to this residential program before being released to the community. You are not able to randomly assign inmates to participate in this program – so conducting an experimental design is out of question. Design a quasi-experimental study in which you control for as many threats to internal validity as possible. Explain how you are controlling for these threats.

3) Select some aspect of your own behavior that you would like to improve and develop a plan to improve it. Design a single-case experiment. Discuss the potential measurement problems of reactivity and bias.

4) Think of a particular case or intervention that has piqued your curiosity about practice effectiveness. Design a single-case experiment that is relevant to that case or intervention. Try to design it in a way that would be feasible to implement.

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