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This discussion post will focus on one specific aspect of family life for many middle-agers that was given a brief mention in the chapter; that is, being a part of the Sandwich Generation. I feel that this is a very important topic to highlight given its relevancy to so many middle-agers’ lives. Please watch the video entitled, “Living With Herbie,” a poignant video portrait illustrating the joys, challenges, and sorrows of living with an elder with dementia. The video can be found at https://vimeo.com/99308727 and runs approximately 16 minutes. Then, answer the questions below:

1. In your own words, define the term “the Sandwich Generation.”

2. Aside from the care-giving aides, who seems to take on the most care for Herbie? Who, according to your textbook, usually takes on most of the responsibility for caring for elderly parents? Did Herbie’s caregivers fit the description of the “typical” caregiver?

3. What problems do you see with regard to caring for children in the household and caring for an elderly parent at the same time? How do the adults feel about this? Are there any rewards to this arrangement?

4. How is the family paying for the extra help they get taking care of Herbie? Is this a typical way to pay for care, or do most families have to use other resources? Give me an example or two of how other people manage financially. (Do a little research if you don’t know).

5. There are many reasons why an adult child might choose to care for his or her parent at home. The daughter in the video mentions a few reasons, your text mentions a concern. What are these reasons/concern?

6. How does Herbie’s son-in-law feel about Herbie living in the home? Do you think he is justified to feel as he does? How does Herbie’s daughter feel about him living in the home?

7. How has Herbie’s presence affected the couple’s marriage, if at all? How does this compare with what your textbook says on this subject?

8. How do the children feel about having their grandfather live with them? What are their reactions?

9. Ultimately, do you believe that this family would have made the same decision about Herbie if they knew in advance what living with him would be like?

10. Look over your answers to 1-9. What would your decision be if faced with a decision to have your elderly parent live with you or place your parent in an elder facility? What would be the hardest part of that decision-making process for you? What would be the determining or deciding factor in your decision?

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