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In our lifetimes, war, famine, natural disasters, and now a global pandemic have resulted in humanitarian crises. These present ethical dilemmas that are time sensitive and so demand a response. One humanitarian crisis you may remember from April unfolded off the shores of South Florida. There were more than 20 cruise ships in our waters with passengers who were sick and dying from COVID-19. Most of the ships did not have passengers that were American citizens, but two of them together carried over 300 American citizens. However, officials were reluctant to allow the ships with American citizens to dock. The two ships eventually did dock at Port Everglades. Read about the ships and the conditions of the passengers’ return to land here:

Holland America Deal Reached

Today, there are still more than 40,000 cruise ship workers from many different countries stuck at sea. Some are suffering from COVID-19, two have committed suicide, and the workers have not received paychecks in months. Read about it here:

40,000 crew still at sea

While most of the workers are not American citizens, the companies that own many of the ships, such as Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., are American companies – and so are governed by American labor laws.

For this weekly check-in, share your thoughts about the stranded crews and the companies that own the ships. In particular, do you think nations, such as the United States, should more readily find ways to get them off the ships? If so, what strategies do you think can be used to get them to shore and medical treatment? If not, what do you think should happen to them? Also, what obligations do you think the companies have to their workers? Why? Finally, do you think your thoughts on the matter would be different if you were one of the stranded crew members? If so, how do you resolve that conflict in your own mind?

Discuss this topic in at least a paragraph for your original post. After doing so, reply to the ideas posted by at least two classmates.

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