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Discussion Topic 3-A

Topics: Every day we all make many decisions. Sometimes they are small, like how long will it take be to get to the grocery store; would I like to see a particular movie or go to a particular restaurant. Think of three

you have made recently. You do not need to give the details of the

decision but
answer the following questions. Of the three, did you have “complete” knowledge beforehand of the outcome? If you did not, what was your decision based on?

You are watching a baseball game with your friends. The batter-up has an average of 333, meaning he gets a hit one out of three times at bat.

However in
his last 12 at

bats he

has not gotten
a hit. Your friend says that this time at

bat he
is more likely to get a hit because based on his average his is due. What do you think?

Also, you are flipping a coin 20 times in a row. You have flipped it 4 times and this is the results: H, H, H, H. You know that the long term probability of a coin toss is 50/50. Is the probability that the next coin toss (#5) effected by the fact that the last four tosses all came up Heads?

Discuss (4-5 sentences minimum) these two questions. Post your opinion to the Canvas discussion board no later than September 20 at 11:59 PM (3 pts). Respond to at least two of your classmates’ comments (2-3 sentences minimum) no later than September 21 at 11:59 PM (2 pts).

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