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discussion: how does the regulatory environment influence business decisions?

Length: a paragraph

When deciding what markets to enter, a company has to take into account the regulatory environment of the country markets it is considering.

For this discussion, please review the regulatory environment (political situation, and/or specific regulations) for one country and discuss whether the situation will make it easy or difficult to enter that particular country market. For useful sources in addition to current news articles, please look at the World Bank’s Governance Indicator Project database (http://info.worldbank.org/governance/wgi/index.aspx#home) and/or its Ease of Doing Business rankings (http://www.doingbusiness.org/en/rankings).

In addition, please write a one to two sentence response to one of these posts:

1) In the beginning of 2015 the market for imported cars to Iraq has taken over about 70% of the cars business. People were buying cars that have been damaged, rebuilt or drowned cars and were transferring them and selling them as they were new. The issue was found by the big car dealers in Iraq and the government created new policies regarding this issue. These policies were that the car had to be only 2 years old, it had to come with a proof of owner ship, license, proof of purchase, title, registration, proof of paid import duties, passed inspection and a history of the cars ownership. These laws helped the Iraqi citizens from buying cars that are damaged and it protected the people from getting cheated just because they didn’t have the technology to check the problems that these cars had. It also made it really difficult for people who were sending the cars and protected the big car dealers from getting competition that was unfair.

2) Portugal since 2008 has consistently taken steps to make starting a business easier. It has eliminated outdated formalities, simplified company registration requirements, eliminated the stamp tax on company’s share company subscriptions and the requirement to the Ministry of Labor. These changes among others have put Portugal in the number one spot for Doing Business in the Trading Across Borders topic. Portugal is politically stable, the crime rate is relatively low, English is widely spoken and there is a positive sentiment towards Americans. All things considered Portugal seems like an almost convenient market to enter as it offers a competitive economic environment.

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