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Write-up on Operations and Supply Chain Management

Summarize what you learned regarding Operations and Supply Chain Management in two paragraphs and post it in this discussion board. This is an open ended discussion; I am mainly looking for your overall understanding of the learning outcomes, which were highlighted at the beginning of this module and were covered in detail in the lecture videos. These learning outcomes are:

  • In you own words, describe Operations Management
  • Describe the relationship between Corporate Strategies and Operations Strategies.
  • Describe several differences between goods and services
  • Describe why it is important to balance Supply and Demand
  • Three major functional areas in an organization and how they interact
  • Describe the two major aspects of Process Management
  • Describe why decision making an important aspect of Operations management
  • Describe a four step procedure that you can use to solve problems

An example from a student ( please do not paraphrase it):

In Module 1 we looked at the supply chain and operations management. Operations management is managing a system that involves people, processes, and technology in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The relationship between corporate strategies and operations strategies is that corporate looks at the overall worth of the company and how to maximize the results. Whereas operations is about designing or controlling the process of production and managing distribution. This correlates with goods and services, the difference between a good and a service is a good is a physical object (oven, hairbrush, pen, etc.), where a service is an activity that combines things like time, location, and a value to it ( getting your hair colored, a pedicure, education, etc.).

In this module we also looked at supply and demand and how they work together. It is important to have supply and demand be balanced because when its equal it creates the ideal results. If supply was greater than demand then it would be wasteful, and if supply was less than demand then we would have opportunity loss. The three major functional areas are needed for a successful business because each area represents a core part of the company and need to work together continuously. The two major aspects of process management is the operational process which controls the purchasing, production, and marketing; and supporting processes which is in charge of human resources and accounting. Overall, decision making is extremely important as a operations manager because they are in charge of managing the company and making sure it runs smoothly at a profitable rate, they use problem solving techniques like defining the problem, creating different solutions for the issue, evaluating the options, and lastly choosing and moving forward with the solution. This four step process helps break down the issues at hand, while providing a clear and reasonable outlet to think of potential solutions, and as an operations manager, you need to be concise and forward thinking when it comes to problem solving.

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