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This week you will be reviewing the rough draft of one of your peers,and one of your peers will be reviewing yours, so this is a good time to think once again about audience. For this discussion, answer the following questions:

  • Who do you imagine as your intended audience? Of course you know that your instructor and at least one of your peers will be reading it, but you should imagine a wider audience. If your paper were to actually be published, who would you be trying to write it to? Who are you trying to reach and why?
  • How do you want to come across to this imagined audience?
  • What kinds of revisions do you think you may need to make to your paper in order to establish your authority for this readership?

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Knowing who your audience is, is an essential element of your presentation. If my paper was to be published, I would be writing for the bigger picture. This means that it would be directed to people of authority and higher power.

Since my essay is about a new law that should come into play, I would be writing to the Members of Congress. I would definitely have to make many revisions, and write a lot of more information for this to even be considered. Members of Congress would be the correct people to write to since they are in charge of the passing of new laws.

I want to come across to my audience as reliable, resourceful, and knowledgeable. This is important as I am listing reasons for a new change of order. It is extremely important to also appear extremely appeared. You must know what you are saying, and why you are saying these things. It takes lots of effort, and investigation for new laws to be passed.

I believe that the biggest part of the essay that should be fixed would be to speak more about the current laws. I also believe that the information that might be needed for the new law to come into play would be more of an alternative business plan. Writing to the Members of Congress would be a whole different playing field.

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Knowing your audience is key when making a statement or trying to inform. My intended audience for my paper has to be all ages, male and female. I believe my topic affects people in that category and that they should be more interested in listening to those facts. If my paper were to be published it would be important for audiences of all ages and all genders to listen, also OSHA would be my main target due to that they help regulate loud noise and are interested in how it can affect us.

My audience should know that to much noise can end up resulting in permanent hearing loss, or eventually hearing damage when exposed to loud noise in movie theaters. To make my paper stand out and readers interested on my view, i need to have lots of valuable supporting details. The reader aways expects creditable sources, especially if it has to do regarding their health. A paper needs to be more creditable in order to reach out to audience that want to believe about possible hearing loss.

Having someone of your side of your topic can be tough if proper facts are not implemented to back up a claim.

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