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The first step i took into planning my expository speech was to come up with the right person to talk about. I went online and researched the most interesting/inspirational people in the world. I already had an interest on Ellen Degenerous, and once i saw her name on multiple lists i knew i had my topic.

Once i had my topic, i went to pick three main points about Ellen including; her early life, her career and her present life. I then used the internet again to find supporting details of my main points including quotes and facts about her.

I made sure everything in my speech was organized well and i had enough facts and supporting details to establish my speech. I started my intro with a quote about her huge role in the Disney “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.” I knew that would get everyone’s attention by starting my speech with a quote.

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When planning my expository speech I made sure I had a solid outline and foundation. After you have a solid foundation you can add to those topics using subtopics and eventually words to make it flow. It is truly structure that makes a speech great.

When thinking about my introduction I ensure to make an impression to my audience and focus on the hook, after that main focus I ensure to word my thesis or “central idea” in a way that flows well with my credibility statement, and self-introduction. I also believe that when you have an effective transition statement from your introduction to your body paragraph it makes you sound much more professional.

When thinking about the body I ensured that I had an adequate amount of information as opposed to filler words. I also took the strongest part of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography and used it as a core element, tying it into his other two success stories. When doing this I created a flow of sequencing events. Transitions again are something I think about, throughout the body. If your transitions are weak then how do you expect to speak smoothly?

Finally, the conclusioncomes naturally. For me, the conclusion and closing statements are the easiest part of the speech because everything that has been said just needs to be addressed again in short and in a memorable way. If you have a way with words then this is the easiest part of a speech or even an essay. One thing I made sure I did was to end on a quote, because it makes it seem as if you truly enjoyed talking about your topic, in my case Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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