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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of connected computing devices and objects using unique identifiers and sending data over a network without requiring human interaction. Many industries (for example, automobile, healthcare, appliance, et cetera) are or will be using IoT to operate more efficiently and better serve their customers.

Research using the web or the Strayer Library to identify a recent or potential future IoT attack. Summarize the attack you chose and discuss why it was or potentially may be successful. Based on your research, are there red flags one should look out for when considering using IoT-enabled devices to avoid becoming an attack victim?



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Earlier this year ADT announced that one of their technicians gave himself access to 220 of their customers’ accounts in the Dallas Metro area. accessing those accounts nearly 10, 000 times over a 4.5 year period. He gained access by adding his email address (unbeknownst to the customer) to their account, or telling them he required temporary access to troubleshoot their accounts. This type of insider attack can unfortunately often be successful, and can also be difficult to protect against. There are a few things that can be done on either side to prevent this type of attack. The company should be monitoring the customer accounts and verifying that unknown accounts are not accessing them, also like passwords making it very clear that they would never request to be added to an account. Unfortunately, the consumer should always be wary and question things like this that seem a little off, and ensuring that anytime you are working with a cloud service, realize that most of the companies only have the cloud so that they can provide the service that goes along with their product, the security of said cloud tends to rank quite low on their priorities as the cloud is not the product that is making them money, the product being sold to you is the money maker. In that respect, the only way to really reduce the potential for an attack would be a self-hosted solution.

Source: ADT technician pleads guilty to spying on customer camera feeds for years

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