Design Six-Bar slider-Crank Power hammer in solid works.

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Design Six-Bar Slider-Crank power Hammer in solid works and run simulation and calculate the objective of this design.

The objective of this project is to design and simulate a power hammer in its simplest form. The kinematic representation will break down the complexity of the machine and convert it into a simple mechanism. The design of the mechanism will allow for better understanding of how links and joints can be used to show motion. The motion will be caused by the motor or crank, that will be examined at different velocities and ultimately determine the amount of force being generated. Once the desired simulation of the power hammer is completed and the mechanism functions properly, an analysis can be performed to possibly improve its performance.

The primary objective of the project is as follows:

‚óŹDevelop a kinematic representation of a power hammer used in the automobile industry, using AutoCAD

  • Kinematic representation will be a six-bar linkage mechanism with a crank
  • Make necessary calculations to ensure each link is the correct size in order for the mechanism to function
  • All parts will be modeled in SolidWorks with the end product being a simulation of the mechanism in full motion
  • Analyses of the mechanism will provide how much force can be produced by adjusting the velocity of the crank
  • Maintain a simple mechanical design to allow time for the project to be completed
  • Have a fully functioning mechanism of a power hammer which would allow for future work, as in a 3D printing of the design

Also, Analysis results ( limiting positions, velocities, accelerations, forces)

CAD drawings showing all dimensions and tolerances of all geometric features of each component.

Material used for each component and reasoning for material selection.

Views of the 3d model.

Screenshots of the animation at various points in the range of motion.

And here is the link of the design that you should follow:

The ground is considered 1. Which the green were the orange and silver touch. Silver is 2. Yellow is 3. Red is 4. Orange is 5. Blue is 6. The silver is the crank. The orange is a rocker.

I will attach a picture of the size of the links.

I am going to be attaching some documents.

Tha most important thing is the calculations more than the design itself.

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