Defining Roles I. Sports Medicine and Legal Liability and Insurance Questions

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Defining roles in sports medicine:

  1. What areas of specialization are encompassed under the general heading of sports medicine?

2. List some of the professional sports medicine organizations.

3. How should the sports medicine team work together to provide optimal health care for the athlete?

4. What are the responsibilities of a coach or fitness professional who becomes responsible for caring for an athlete when an athletic trainer is not available?

5. What are the specific roles of the athletic trainer in overseeing the total health care of the athlete?

6. Discuss the role of the team physician as an important member of the sports medicine team.

7. What special impact can other members of the sports medicine team have in providing health care for the athlete?

Legal Liability and Insurance:

  1. What are the major legal concerns in terms of liability, negligence, assumption of risk, and torts?

2. What measures can be taken to minimize the chances of litigation should an athlete be injured?

3. Invite an attorney who is familiar with sports litigation to class to discuss how you can protect yourself from a lawsuit.

4. Discuss how an individual provides reasonable and prudent care in dealing with an injured athlete.

5. Explain how the Good Samaritan law protects individuals who choose to provide first aid or emergency care to an injured victim.

6. Why is it necessary for an athlete to have both general health insurance and accident insurance?

7. Briefly discuss the various methods of third-party reimbursement.

8. Why should an individual carry individual liability insurance?

9. What are the critical considerations for filing insurance claims?

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