Davenport University Week 5 M

Part of a human resource managers job is to analyze the benefits programs to ensure that an organization is compliant and that the
costs are within budget. There are a number of required programs such as social security, worker’s compensation insurance,
unemployment insurance, health care, and FMLA leave. In addition to these mandated programs, many employers offer additional
benefits such as dental, vision, disability, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, holidays, vacation, other paid time off (jury duty,
bereavement, etc), 401(k) or other retirement, student debt support and more.

Managed by Q Case Benefits Analysis: In the case study we learn that Managed by Q offers free health insurance, 40 hours of
paid vacation and a 401(k) plan. In addition, they would have to offer the legally required benefits such as worker’s compensation and
unemployment. The financial spreadsheet indicates there is a 20% markup for benefits and taxes. In year 5, therefore, we could
surmise that of the $2,729,927 in wages and taxes, 20% or approximately $545,000, went to benefits and taxes

.1. Create an analysis of the provided benefits and taxes (both mandatory and discretionary) and create an academic, data guided, proposal of any changes you might suggest to Managed by Q.

2. For this analysis, assume a 4% 401(k) match, FUTA rate of .06 (of first $7000), SUTA rate of .019 (of first $9000).

3. Be sure to incorporate items such as cost sharing or creative benefits such as student loan repayment options in your
recommendations if appropriate. Must be 5 to 6 pages plus cover and references.

Note: In this exercise you need to weigh out how many benefits you would like to offer verse the cost of those benefits. In your paper
be sure to (1) explore the current benefit offering and (2) talk about what benefits you might offer and/or what changes you would
recommend to Managed by Q.

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Assignment Solutions


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