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Reflect on the course required textbook reading (Book Two: Chapter 1 The Mirage of Reform) and the discussions to compose your essay answers.

Follow these guidelines for drafting your essay answers:

A good essay answer starts with a direct answer to the question. Your opinion matters and works well here.

A good essay answer provides more than one reason for your answer to the question.

  1. A good essay answer provides at least one example to support the answer to the question. A personal experience works well here.
  2. A good essay answer is no more than three paragraphs in length.
  3. Do not include formal citations or references.
  4. Question 1:
  5. The beginnings of America were based on a Western European model. Although different in our development of democracy, there were many similarities (e.g., our systems of laws were based on England’s common law system). Being a nation of immigrants, many folks that transplanted to America brought their Western European values with them.

Review Book Two, Chapter 1, The Mirage of Reform, to answer this question:

Why did America develop a health care system so different from our Western European counterparts? Frame your answer in political factors, economic factors, and social factors (go back to Discussion 6: Exam preparation for examples).   

Question 2:

The Great Depression (1929-1939) was the worst economic collapse in the history of industrialized nations and triggered the American government to establish the Social Security system (1935). Since then, the Social Security system was improved in 1965 to include Medicare. Currently, COVID-19 has negatively impacted our economy, and some would argue that we are facing another global economic collapse (don’t let this statement stress you out, others argue that our economy will have a strong comeback).

Review Book Two, Chapter 1, The Mirage of Reform, to answer this question:

In your opinion, how should the U.S. position the health care system (to change or not change, to modify or not modify) to compensate for a potential economic collapse while caring for COVID-19 patients?   

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Assignment Solutions


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