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I have done 90 percent of this project already which I will attach below. There are a couple of changes that need to be made to the project. The first thing is Add the Executive Summary (I will attach how to do the executive summary below) to the paper at the beginning where it is needed. The other changes are highlighted in Red on the paper. Proofread and double check directions and rubric to ensure that the work is done as best as possible.

Directions: Project Paper should be 15-20 pages. The paper needs to be in APA format with a clear Introduction, including the topic description, problem statement and hypotheses as well as Literature Review, Methodology, Findings, and Conclusion sections. Much of the paper should be the analysis of the results of the survey and concluding remarks including Descriptive, Crosstab analysis and Correlation from the survey data. Also, since it is a small-scale study you cannot use SPSS for some functions. Consider using Linear Regression in analysis of full-scale data and feasibility of Non-Parametric analysis and possible challenges. Include tables from the SPSS reports, your interpretation of results, short conclusions, and recommendations.

Please look at the page 147 of the textbook and pay special attention to executive summary and make sure you include it at the beginning of the project.

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Assignment Solutions