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PART 2 – Essay

This is part 2 of a research paper. Part 1 was a discussion post that I already completed. Here is what I wrote-

What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis?

In Appiah’s analysis, he explains how religion brings together various cultures to believe in one God or gods (depending on religion). This allows a unification among all types of people with different backgrounds to share one thing in common, their faith. He believes that religion is able to create a new society where everyone can relate and have a common understanding of each other. Religion does not bring economical or social status into the equation, allowing equality and inclusion and equality throughout the members of the religion. Kwame stated that “Cultures are made of continuities and changes, and the identity of a society can survive through these changes” (Appiah, pg. 3). While the change of culture is authentic, religion always stays the same. Religion allows people of various cultures, even when there’s change, to come together as one global society. Overall, Appiah believes that having a common religion amongst various cultures and backgrounds bring equality throughout society.

How is your approach similar or different from his?

I completely agree with Appiah’s analysis on religion. There are so many different cultures and backgrounds everywhere you go therefore having one common faith amongst the majority of the people is unifying and inclusive. From being in a religious group myself, I can testify that my religion has brought me close to many people with different cultures and backgrounds as me. In my religious group, nobody cares about your socio-economic status because we all share a common faith.


After your initial response in Part 1 of this assignment, read the article: “The Case for Contamination” by Kwame Anthony Appiah again. Write a well-structured essay that answers the questions: “What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis? Do you agree or disagree to his approach towards religion? How does it differ from your individual approach towards religion?”


  • Format: MLA Format Required
  • Length: 1000 Words, Not Including Your Works Cited Page
  • Double –Spaced, 12-Pt Font, Arial Or Times New Roman Font
  • It has clear purpose and thesis or controlling ideas.
  • The thesis is supported with adequate reasons and evidence.
  • It shows sustained analysis and critical thought.
  • It is organized clearly and logically.
  • It shows knowledge of conventions of standard written English.
  • It shows awareness of disciplinary conventions in regard to content, style, form, and delivery methods.
  • Moreover, sources must be cited as appropriate.

Thesis Statement: The thesis is the central idea of your paper around which all your evidence and claims are organized. Every single paragraph should be dedicated in a clear way to proving your thesis. In your essay, the thesis should be stated as quickly and as clearly as possible. In fact, many teachers will expect your thesis statement to appear in the last sentence of your essay’s first paragraph. A vivid thesis statement will announce the steps of its argument, not just provide a flat statement of the essay’s ultimate goal. Think of the thesis as a roadmap that gives directions to your reader rather than as a picture of your final destination.

When reading your essays, I will be looking at three different elements: Content, Style, and Research. You will receive a grade in each of these areas, and these grades will then be averaged together for your final essay grade. Content refers to the information in your paper. Is it correct? Is it detailed? Do you demonstrate basic knowledge of the religious tradition? Is this knowledge evident in your description of the service? Style refers to how that information is presented. This includes the way the information is organized and language skills such as spelling, grammar, and proper sentence structure. Research refers to the quality and quantity of your research.

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