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  2. Unit II

Unit II

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    Welcome to Week 2 of BBA 2150

    Welcome to Week 2 of BBA 2150The Mathematics of Selling: Markups and Markdowns …In our second unit we will calculate the cost and selling price of merchandise based on mark-up and mark-downs using algebraic formulas and percentages that we reviewed in week 1. We will start with converting from decimals to percents and vice versa. With these skills, we will move on to calculating trade and cash discounts, and finally “markups” and “markdowns.”…Unit 2- Important DatesUnit II (Wednesday, November 13, 2019 through Tuesday, November 19, 2019)…Assignments for Week 2–Read the Unit 2 Study Guide–Submit your response to the Unit 2 Discussion Board Question by Saturday, Midnight (Central Time). You will also need to comment on another student’s response by Tuesday, Midnight (Central Time).–Submit the Unit 2 Homework by Tuesday, Midnight (Central Time). The Unit 2 Homework may be accessed and completed through the MyMathLab link located on the course menu.When you click on the unit homework link in MyMathLab, it will bring up a list of questions. You can use the list of questions to navigate through the homework, or you can use the arrows within the homework to move through the assignment.–Submit the Unit 2 Assignment by Tuesday, Midnight (Central Time). Upload your assignment using the link provided. Refer to your course Syllabus for assignment instructions. For detailed information on how to submit your assignment, go to the Submission Instructions page.

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    Unit II Study Guide

    Click the link above to open the unit study guide, which contains this unit’s lesson and reading assignment(s). This information is necessary in order to complete this course.

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    Unit II Discussion Board

    • Weight: 2% of course grade
    • Grading Rubric
    • Comment Due: Saturday, 11/16/2019 11:59 PM (CST)
    • Response Due: Tuesday, 11/19/2019 11:59 PM (CST)

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    Unit II Homework

    The Unit II Homework can be accessed and completed through the MyMathLab link located on the Course Menu.

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    Unit II Assignment

    • Weight: 10% of course grade
    • Grading Rubric
    • Due: Tuesday, 11/19/2019 11:59 PM (CST)

    The purpose of this assignment is for you to calculate markups and markdowns on merchandise. Each question requires you to show your work. Click here to access the template for this assignment. Save all of your work to the template before submitting it in Blackboard for grading.This assignment involves solving math problems along with showing the calculation work within a Word document. Click here to access a brief guide for using math symbols within a Word document.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions