Complete a final special project

I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

First, make sure you are majoring Theatre or Drama before you take this work. Here are the detailed requirements!

1. For your final project, you will need the script for (Play listed on course schedule Chekhov)

You must use our selected play listed on course schedule

2. You may choose your “mask,” taking the role of ONE of the following:

  • Actor
  • Designer
  • Director

3. READ!!!! The page that has all the instructions it is located in this module stated final project resources and documents!!! I can not STRESS this enough! In this module are the detailed instructions for each of these roles. Click on the instructions document for the mask you chose, and get started!

4. Also you will find links for additional paperwork right below those documents.

5. When you’ve finished all the parts of your final project, be sure to submit it as an attachment to this assignment. It is best to use word document or a powerpoint to organize your final project.

The exception to this is the Actor. I need the video file or a youtube link and your character analysis separate. Putting the videos in other types of documents slows them down and makes it hard to open.

I have already uploaded the textbook, the final project document and resources, and some documents that maybe useful to the work below. You can have a check.

This work is very important to me. High quality must be ensured. Looking forward to your high quality work!

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions