COMM 1600 Group Communication PAPER!

Help me study for my Communications class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Okay so the transcript this paper is based on is the file thats labeled “Transcript for group 2” and I attached other helpful pdfs and notes.

write a 1,250-1,750 word paper (roughly 5-7 pages) that analyzes how well (or not) the group in your transcript functioned together, identifying three course concepts that justify these claims, and two group interventions that would improve the group’s process. Make sure your paper includes the following:

  • A clear central argument (i.e., a “thesis statement”) that you present in an introductory paragraph that puts forth a claim about how effectively the group worked together and what the group could do to improve their dynamics.
  • A summary of the findings from your initial group analysis of the transcript, interpreting what this initial data tells us about how well (or not) the group worked together.
  • A discussion of three concepts from this course that help you give more in-depth analysis of the transcript and provide support for your thesis. Dedicate at least a paragraph for each course concept, and make sure each course concept section does the following:
    • Provides a topic sentence about the concept you discuss in this section, and how it relates to your central argument presented in your thesis.
    • Clearly defines the course concept using course readings, and provides an APA citation for each definition, both in-text and on a References page.
    • Illustrates your discussion of the course concept with a concrete, specific example from the transcript.
    • Includes analysis that relates your discussion of the course concept and the transcript back to your thesis argument about how effectively (or not) the group worked together.
  • A discussion of two group interventions from this course that would improve the group’s processes. Make sure that these interventions are grounded in your analysis and discussion of the previous three course concepts: why do these specific interventions make sense for this specific group and its dynamics? For each intervention, make sure to define it using course readings (and a correct APA citation), and explain how it would improve the group’s dynamics.
  • A concluding paragraph that restates your thesis argument and summarizes the topics covered in your paper.

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