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Description: This Discussion Board is for students to reflect on and discuss the results of the Speech Research Activity.

Please post your initial response and reply to at least two students’ postings by the due dates and time (see above).

Assessment: Your participation in this Discussion Board will be graded based on the Discussion Board Rubric below.

Speech Research Activity:

Activity: Students were asked to complete a Speech Research Activity (with Speech Research Worksheet)

to gain practice in “researching” a potential speech topic in order to prepare for actual research that will be needed for the Informative and Persuasive speeches in this course. Students were to select ONE (of three) hypothetical speech topics and do research to locate (2) credible and relevant sources (a source on the Internet using a search engine AND a periodical database source using Rutgers University Libraries) for their selected speech topic.

Note: Please complete the Activity #1: Researching for a Speech


and attach to your first discussion post by Friday, 2/5, at 11:59 p.m.

Discussion: Reflect on your research experience in the Speech Research Activity and respond to the following questions: (Please number your responses in ONE posting and attach your completed Speech Research Worksheet as a PDF with your initial posting.)

  1. What was your selected speech topic?
  2. What search engine, metasearch engine, or web directory on the Internet did you use to locate one information source for the speech topic? If you used the Google Scholar search engine while you were logged in with your Rutgers Net ID, did you find an added bonus in your search efforts?
  3. What periodical database through Rutgers University Libraries did you use to locate the other information source for the speech topic?
  4. Which of the 6 criteria (expertise, objectivity, accuracy, currency, origin, and relevancy) was the most difficult to ascertain when evaluating sources and why?
  5. What did you learn about the credibility of sources found on the Internet using search engines vs. sources found in electronic periodical databases through Rutgers University Libraries? Which method do you think is more reliable for academic research (such as speech preparation for this course) and why?
  6. How would you use the results of the audience analysis survey for your section to modify your presentation on this specific topic?

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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