COM 1002 RU Introduction to C

Go back and review the Communication Principles in the reading and in this module’s lesson content. Familiarize yourself with the information and address the following in your post.

  1. Choose two of the principles of communication.
  2. Provide two examples for each of the principles (so you will have a total of 4 examples by the end of your post).
  3. How could you apply your knowledge of these principles in a future interaction to prevent or reduce misunderstanding?

the 2 principles of communication you will use

Communication occurs in a context: When we communicate it takes place in a certain area, and we have certain expectations based on that location. We have to take into account that people talk differently in different situations, you would not act the same in class as you would in a baseball game.

  1. Communication is purposeful: We communicate for a reason. There are five key reasons to communicate
  2. Physiological Needs
  3. Safety Needs
  4. Social Needs
  5. Esteem Needs
  6. Self-Actualization Needs

Communication is when two or more people gather together to receive or share information that can be talk, gesture, writing, or reading. In today’s society, people are using social media to talk among each other for example texting, email, Facebook and Facebook messenger, etc. There are six principles of communication I will only be talking about two.

The first principals are Commutations are symbolic. This is when “We communicate using words, but the words are only symbols, not the actual objects themselves. Communication involves words, pictures, sounds, and marks, all of which may represent something else” (G141,2021). I used this form of communication every day of my life when talking with my co-worker for example:

On this particular day, my co-teacher and I had a zoom meeting with the parents. Parents have lied to us thinking we don’t know, but we do during a meeting a parent told us that her child does not cause self-harm to herself, so while listening I looked at my co-teacher with a stern look while tilting my head to the side which told my co-teacher that parent is lying. Which the thrust came out the more we kept talking to one another. The child was doing self-harm herself by banging her head on the bed.

Another way of communication with symbolism is when working with children I turn off the lights in the room and singing songs to get their attention. It’s very helpful because at the time it’s too loud and I’m not able to raise my voice. By turning off the lights I am communicating with the children they need to stop what they are doing and follow directions.

The second principal’s communication is a process. Communication is a process that is defined It evolves over time and after multiple engagements that build upon each other. This ongoing interaction changes the relationship” (G141,2021).

When working with families it takes time to build a relationship, but when seeing that person every day and having a convention relationship starts to form and both parties feel comfortable with each other. When this happens a connection can be made.

When working with a new person is can be awkward at first. Neither person doesn’t know anything about who he or she will be working with, but as time goes by the two individuals begin to start commuting with each other on a more personal level and opening the lines of communication to build up a relationship.

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