CMC The Danger of Single Stor

Essay Prompt from the Syllabus

Write a formal 1000 Word APA paper focusing on the danger of the single story and children’s literature.


Watch the TedTalk; The Danger of a Single Story and listen to the poignant and powerful words that Nigerian born author, Chimimanda Adichie (2009) stated about her personal experiences when faced with overt assumptions and racism. Discuss how unbiased literature, authentic storytelling, respectful representation, and true perspectives can provide a touchstone of truth to combat systemic racism. Connect your discussion with Adichie’s words. Launch Adichie’s words as both a foundation for your research and support for your evidence stated.


Connect 5 APA formatted quotes spoken by Adichie (2009) with 5 APA formatted quotes derived from 5 different Academic Sources found inside our EDUC 121 Reader for a total of 10 APA formatted quotes inside your paper. Utilize ANY FIVE (5) of the required readings derived from the EDUC 121 Reader to support your discussion. To sum: Show a total of 5 supportive citations derived from 5 Different Academic Sources (Chapters/ Articles) found inside the EDUC 121 Reader and connect these directly with 5 quotes from Adichie’s TedTalk for a total of 10 APA Citations.

*REMEMBER: Your reference page must contain and lead with the name Adichie!!!! (Not ‘TED’ Names Matter)

  • NOTE- Treat Adichie’s words exactly the same as direct quotations or paraphrased quotes found in print. Make sure to treat Adichie no differently from an author of a book or an article. The only difference is that you will use a time stamp instead of a page number at the end of your quoted material. A time stamp is the following: (MINUTES:SECONDS).

For example, Adichie (2009) stated “Direct quote that she said from the TedTalk” (11:09). This time stamp reflects the time she said what you are quoting.

To recap: Connect FIVE (5) quotes stated from Adichie with FIVE (5) supportive citations found from FIVE (5) DIFFERENT articles/chapters listed inside the EDUC 121 Reader to equal (10) citations total. Try to use sources that explore the challenges inherent within Race and Racism. For example, use either the African American, Native American, Latin@ American and/or Asian American community. And, if you like, you may use other articles inside the course reader we have not reviewed yet to make your point. You may choose more than one culture to strengthen your thesis but focus on RACE and RACISM.

Note: Let Adichie’s thesis points lead your paper. You may consider some of these topics as you evaluate: the pros/cons of cultural authenticity or insider/outsider perspectives, the evolution of better representation of said culture in children’s books, the overriding “arch” of specific cultural themes, the application of critical literacy as a tool for social justice. “Through story, we can share the hopes and dreams, triumphs and tragedies, accomplishments and disappointments that signal our commonalities as humans while also allowing a view of our uniqueness and cultural pride” (Collier, 2000, p. 241).

IMPORTANT: (If you choose to paraphrase something that Adichie said, take care to remember to follow the extra APA step discussed in class to ‘bookend’ the paraphrased material by both introducing the name of the author and designating the end of the paraphrased material by a page number – in this case – a time stamp as it is a VIDEO. This way, the reader is clear when YOUR voice enters, and when the authors voice ends.)

You are to have TEN (10) in-text quotes Total inside your essay: FIVE (5) from the EDUC 121 Reader and Five (5) from Adichie = 10 Total. Properly format your citations from the APA 7th Edition. A Reference APA formatted page is required along with a Cover Page.

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