Cloud Computing Impacts on Business or Economy

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Using Google Scholar search engine (, find an article, paper, textbook, or story that discusses the cloud computing impact to business or economics in general. You may also use the the university’s online research library found here:

A.Find information using Google Scholar search engine, your textbooks, or the university library use information that you found that describes or reports on cloud computing impacts to business or the economy (U.S. or World).

B.Remember the article must contain two (2) elements to be considered in this assignment, e.g. business and/or the economy (World or U.S.) in context of cloud computing. You must use your own words. Do not copy and paste any part of the article or text into the discussion.

  1. Once you have found an appropriate information, tell the story IN YOUR OWN WORDS and correlate the pertinent elements to our textbook, Jamsa, 2013, Chapters 16-18.
  2. Finally, summarize and provide your own idea or prognostication regarding the future of cloud computing and impacts to businesses or economies of the world.

*Be sure to read Jamsa, 2013, Chapters 16-18 before conducting your search to avoid making a critical mistake in your discussion.

Keep your story as short as possible. Do not exceed 300 words. Use your own words. Provide a valid link (URL) to your article/paper/story/ or page numbers in the textbook so that we may find and read it.

Google scholar can be found here:

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Assignment Solutions