Climate Change the Most Impor

Reflection prompts.

1. Personal Experience with Climate Change (I have expressed my thoughts in the previous reflection, No need to express)

You can write a little sentences in the Introduciton, do not need a section to say that.

I have not witnessed the terrible crises brought about by climate change, such as floods, rising sea levels, etc. All the information I receive about climate change from news reports and what I learned from the course.

2. Identify your motivations, values, or assumptions that is driving your own position and compare that to those of others (e.g., the authors of the required readings, other readings that you have identified)

(Must be contacted Chapter 9, 3, 7, 8 and 10. All three Chapter to be covered, Chapter 9, 3 and 7 are the content of the first half of the semester, .Chapter 8 and 10 are the content of the second half of the semester. Make sure that you should efforts to re-read or conduct additional research to learn more about aspects of the experience upon which reflection occurs and describe specific insights or extensions of reflection gained. )

Main issues: Is climate change the most important challenge of our times? (Chapter 1)

My position: Yes

Chapter 9: Is emphasizing consensus in climate science helpful for policymaking?

My position: No

Chapter 3: Should individual extreme weather events be attributed to human agency?

My position: Yes

Chapter 7: Should future investments in energy technology be limited exclusively to renewables?

My position: No

Chapter 8: Is it necessary to research solar climate engineering as a possible backstop technology?

My position: Yes

Chapter 10: Do rich people rather than rich countries bear the greatest responsibility for

climate change?

My position: No

3. Place your reflection in context of the issue questions (The issue Question: Is climate change the most important challenge of our times? How are the each questions related to the key issues )

I don’t change my mind, I still think climate change is the most important challenge of our times

4. Future Judgment

(In Future Judgment, You should provide concrete plans for further action or reflection for a specific purpose such as developing skills, improving self-understanding, or refining belief systems.)

  • Conceive how your judgment in the future might be affected by this experience and reflection
  • What more would you like to know to help you address questions that you still have or have arisen since your initial and mid term reflection?

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    Assignment Solutions

    Assignment Solutions


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