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The Assignment

Submit title, author and additional information listed below for your proposed full-length novel for Unit 2 here. Use the Novel Support page in Unit 2 to help you understand what you’re looking for here.

Unit 2, a unit focused on the novel and on Reader Response criticism, will begin the day after you submit your Unit 1 essay. Unit 2 requires you to read a full novel (NOT essays or memoir or biography, etc.) and then apply a Reader Response theoretical lens (from Chapter 4 of Texts and Contexts) to a critical reading of a portion of your novel in a timed, in-course essay exam due at the end of the unit.

To prepare for your Unit 2 work, on top of the Unit 1 reading and research you’re doing now, you must research and choose a novel now and have it read it by the middle of week 3 to participate in your Unit 2 writing assignments associated with your novel reading.

It must be a full-length single-author work of imaginative storytelling: fiction. Memoirs, biographies, exposés, histories, essays, etc. won’t work because they’re not fiction. It may be any novel you wish, in English or another language, and it may be either a novel or a novella (a short novel). Please don’t choose stories or a book of stories, as only full length works will work for this assignment.

I need to approve your novel selection before you begin your reading. That’s what this assignment is for. Please begin researching your novel choice now and then post the items listed below in this submission window by the date listed above:

    1. Book title & author
    2. Genre (mystery, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.),
    3. Number of pages
    4. Why you chose it

You are only required to submit a single title for approval, though if you’re not sure which way to go with you selection you are welcome to submit more than one title for my consideration. This assignment is required and worth 40 points. Late submissions will not be given credit but you will still be required to submit your selection(s) for review before I will sign off on them as subjects of your Unit 2 analysis work. Because I need to review and approve the title of your novel before you begin reading it, no assignments after this one will be evaluated until this assignment has been completed first.

2.5 – Novel Support

Choosing a Novel
Stack of books representing this page's Novels focus

Your final essay this unit will be a timed in-course reader response to a selection from a novel you will select on your own. I’ll need to review your choice of books before you start your reading and analysis work. To help me do that you’ll submit a homework assignment that lists your book and related information for me in Unit 1.

* Please note: The assigned Yonnondio reading this unit is NOT available as a text to write your essay on – you’ll need to research your own book to read and respond to for the unit essay.

You will find a full description of the Reader Response In-course Timed Essay Assignment in the top of the unit box – please make sure you’ve read that sheet closely (I recommend printing it out for quick reference throughout the unit) before researching and selecting your novel for this assignment.

Selection Criteria

These are the minimum required parameters for your novel selections:

  • The work must be fiction (imagined story), NOT non-fiction (essays, articles, memoirs, biographies, etc.).
  • The work must be novel length (NOT a short story or collection or stories) – a full-length single author work of fiction
  • You will need to choose a novel that contains evocative scenes or passages that you’ll be able to respond to subjectively in your essay, in a manner that’s in line with Reader Response Criticism

Your novel may be in another language. It may be an iconic piece written by an established master of the novel form, someone like Tillie Olsen that we studied this unit, or it may be something much more obscure. It can be whatever kind of novel you’re most interested in reading and writing about. Please note that your essay for this class must be all original work – no writing material may be brought over from previous things you’ve written outside of this class as that would thwart the goals of this assignment as well as constitute an act of academic plagiarism.

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