Class – Program Evaluation for School Counselors – Program Assessment Plan Project

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Program Evaluation Project

Professional school counselors are ethically required to engage in evaluation of the programs that are offered to clients or students. Sometimes this occurs at the agency or school level and involves program review. Other times, these efforts are focused on determining the effectiveness of a local level program. This assignment is designed to broaden your understanding of your role in the program evaluation aspect of professional counseling in the venue of professional school counseling. The project will result in a written report.

USE THE ATTACHED OUTLINE DETAILING THE GUIDEINES and be sure the report includes the following components:

-Selected an existing program for evaluation, it is NAIVANCE –

-Create be synthesis of the mission/goals/demographics/description of the counseling related program (Naviance).

-The program goals or objectives you want to evaluate/assess.

-The questions you set out to answer in the evaluation.

-Design to collect the information.

-Sources for that information (Explained in the text book or other peer-reviewed journal articles.)

-Method(s) for collecting the information including:

-Sampling procedures

-Instrument(s) used

-How data will be collected

-How data will be analyzed

Directions: Develop a program assessment plan. Use the following grid to outline your plan. Write a 7+ page report summarizing your evaluation plan. You can use the following guidelines as subheadings for your paper. Make sure to include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.

USE THE ATTACHED OUTLINE DETAILING THE GUIDEINES. (It is more simply layed out in the first doc.)

Other directions:

Write in complete sentences, use formal language, high quality vocabulary.

Use APA format.

If you, use outside information, use peer-reviewed journal articles. In-text citations & included in the reference page and cite the text book.

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Assignment Solutions