Circuit Analysis – Week #1 Lab Voltage and Current Laws in Multisim

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Please attached are the question, Lab template and how to stamp the design with date and time

Please read the instructions and the templates attached. Do not forget to stamp the design with date and time.

Circuit Analysis – Week #1 Lab Voltage and Current Laws in Multisim


Use the following Lab Report Template (also found in Tools and Templates) when submitting

your lab work.

Rules for lab submissions:

1. The lab document must be a Word document. PDF files are NOT accepted.

2. All screenshots must be included.

3. All screenshots must include the Multisim time stamp.

4. Any and all Multisim files must be submitted.

5. Calculations must be provided when relevant to show how you arrived at any

calculated numbers.

6. Any equations used must be typed in Word. Copy and paste of equations from

outside sources is prohibited.

7. No graphics are allowed in the Word document other than screenshots of

circuits from Multisim with the time stamp.

8. The lab template must be used. Specifically, it is brought to your attention that a

summary MUST be provided explaining the results of the labs, the relationship

of the results to expected results, and any challenges encountered. This is not

a personal reflection on the lab but rather a professional five sentence or more

summary of the lab. Any violation of the submission rules above will result in a grade of 1.


In preparation for the lab, research what resistance tolerance is and what causes is. Think about the impact resistance tolerance would have on measured values in a circuit. While resistance tolerance means that a given resistance will have a different resistance other than the ideal, it will not fluctuate over a short period of time. Think about these questions before starting the lab as it will help you in the analysis: Why then in a physical electrical circuit do the measurements fluctuate? What are the other factors involved? Is there anything else which effects the resistance value when placed in a circuit in a certain location?

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Assignment Solutions