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Writing Your Personal Philosophy Statement

You will be required to submit a Personal Philosophy Statement in your Professional Portfolio. The Personal Philosophy Statement is a “statement of your strong commitments and convictions about the care and education of young children.” Be sure you have read pages 494 – 500 (9th edition) or pages 537 – 543 (10th edition).

I would like for you to approach this discussion board post by stating your deeply held beliefs of what constitutes quality early childhood education and how you will personally commit to these beliefs. As noted in your text, James Hymes stated, “I am persuaded that good teachers, first of all, must hold strong commitments and convictions from which their practices flow.” (Feeney et al., 2013, p. 494) I want you to use this discussion board to state what your strong commitments and convictions are.

For example, if I were writing my Personal Philosophy, one of my philosophy statements would be as follows:

I believe that young children have a right to a childhood that is filled with opportunities for play, therefore, I commit to being a teacher that provides the space, time, and materials for children to become deeply engaged in play in my classroom. Furthermore, I am committed to providing rich play experiences in the outdoor environment as well as indoors. I will continue to learn how best to support children’s play so that I can provide the optimum experience for the children that I care for and educate.

POST: For this post, and subsequently for your Personal Philosophy Statement, I want you to write down at least five (5) philosophy statements (the one provided above is 1 Statement…you need 5 of these), similar in structure to the example I provided. In addition to a deeply held belief on the importance of providing for a play based curriculum, you might have deeply held beliefs about the importance of authentic assessment, on ensuring safe and healthy classroom environments, on providing developmentally appropriate curriculum, on guidance, on respectful relationships, on working with families, on professionalism (this is just a list to get you started).

Here is the format:

I believe…,

Therefore, I commit to…

This assignment supports course learning outcome 1 and student learning objective 9.


Philosophy Paper


Write a one page statement of your philosophy to put in your portfolio. (This week’s discussion will be a great help on this too)

This assignment supports course learning outcome 1 and student learning objective 9.


Attachments cannot be more than 1 MB and must be in Word, RTF, or PDF format. Please provide thoughtful responses to the journal question. You are expected to produce college-level work. Submit this assignment in an essay type format with an intro/body/conclusion and you will need to provide one citation or reference in the response. A one to two sentence paragraph for an intro/body/conclusion isn’t sufficient.

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