Chapter 6

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Chapter 6– The school is an agent of socialization. Schools influence children through their educational policies, leading to achieving; through their formal organization, introducing students to authority; and through the social relationships that evolve in the classroom.

for this assignment explain topic three topics . You need the book Textbook: Berns, Roberta. (2016). Child, Family, School, Community/Socialization and Support, 10th edition). Thomson/Wadsworth you can include the in text citations, and APA style .I Do not have the book so only bid if you can get the book . We are on chapter 6 your explanaton should be 200 words each topic with intext citations and apa style

Topic 1: Process or Product

Does learning occur in response to instinct or instruction? Is it a process or product? It is a broad question but I am hoping that you can demonstrate a high level of critical thinking. Refer and relate to text material.

Topic 2- Goals for schooling

Please review Table 6.1, page 206 “Goals for schooling in the United States.” After reviewing, reflect on the following questions:

– What is your perspective on our goals? Be objective but if you must include your subjective opinion then it will be fine but support your opinion with textbook materials

– Are we meeting all our goals for our school? If not which one are we not meeting and why? Be specific.

– Are we proficient in all our goals? if not which one do we need to work on and why? Be specific

Then, provide strategies that support and empower families through respectful, reciprocal relationships to involve all families in their children’s development and learning.

Topic 3- Diversity and Equity

How can the schools meet the diverse needs of individuals while also providing everyone with equal opportunities? Be specific and provide examples(s). Analyze and evaluate the factors that both positively and negatively influence the socialization of the child.

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