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Hello I just have two quick homework’s I need help with. They are each 25 questions but they are true or false. Very easy.

Its in regards to viruses and immunity

Bacteriophages could be grown in a culture tube if bacteria are present in the tube.

A provirus is a virus that integrates itself into the host cell chromosome.

Bacteriophages, through the process of lysogeny, may allow certain bacteria to cause certain human diseases.

If the RNA of a virion is +sense, it means that the RNA will act directly as mRNA and be translated at the ribosome.

The classification of viruses is found in Bergey’s Manual.

Oncogenic viruses include some Herpesviruses, Papillomaviruses, Hepatitis B viruses, Retroviruses, and the Epstein-Barr Virus.

The Rabies virus is an enveloped virus.

Spikes can help scientists identify viruses.

The DNA or RNA of the virus will contain the amino acid sequence for the synthesis of capsomeres.

Herpesviridae refers to the Herpes genus of viruses.

When a virus has its DNA incorporated as a prophage, this is called the lysogenic cycle.

The lytic cycle of a bacteriophage destroys the host bacterial cell.

It is correct to say that the capsid is made up of many capsomeres.

Most enveloped viruses can be transmitted through contact with inanimate objects.

When DNA is injected by a virus into the host cell, it can often be transcribed into mRNA.

You would expect viruses that penetrate human cells to make lysozyme for host cell penetration.

Poxviruses are very large DNA viruses that tend to cause skin diseases.

One of the Herpes viruses is oncogenic.

Prions contain DNA and RNA.

A viroid is the name given to a complete virus.

When a virus infects a host cell the metabolism step involves synthesis of proteins needed for viral replication.

The lysogenic cycle of a virus destroys the host cell.

DNA in viruses is always double-stranded.

An oncogenic virus may have the ability to put its DNA into the host cell’s DNA.

Heres the one for immunity. Again just true or false.

Some bacterial infections cause leukocytosis, whereas others cause leukopenia.

Leukotrienes are substances made by mast cells that enhance inflammation in the respiratory tract.

The Fc of an IgE antibody typically binds to B-cells.

Macrophages can present the antigen to Thelper cells together with their MHC II complex.

Type IV hypersensitivity involves the activation of Tcells 24 hours after contact with the antigen.

The Fc region of an antibody can bind to cells or complement.

Cellular immunity targets extracellular antigens.

A membrane attack complex (MAC) is composed of several complement proteins that form holes in a cell’s membrane.

B-cells cannot bind to antigens.

Chemotaxis can lead to diapedesis of the neutrophils.

Cytokines from T helper cells can activate macrophages.

Neutrophils play a key role in specific immunity.

Complement proteins must be activated before performing a certain action.

A typical antibody can bind 2 antigens.

Dendritic cells are located in the epidermis and are capable of phagocytosis.

If someone at the hospital is discussing immunoglobulins, they are likely discussing complement proteins in the plasma.

Interleukin-1 is released by phagocytes and causes fever.

The only chemicals that can act as opsonins are antibodies.

Toxoids can help build up immunity to diphtheria.

A pyrogen is a chemical that produces pus.

You can go into anaphylactic shock the first time you come in contact with an antigen.

Complement proteins are produced mainly by the liver.

IgM antibodies can be passed from the mother to the fetus.

Phagocytes in the blood include neutrophils and monocytes.

Antibodies are usually formed against the antigen determinants (epitopes) of the antigen.

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For this final reflection paper, please write a 3-page paper answering the following questions. Note: there are two short-answer questions (give at least one paragraph each) and the rest are multiple-choice. For each multiple-choice question, please explain the correct answer using your own words and examples. Provide at least 2 sentences for EACH answer. Your answers are understood to represent your OWN work – this is an individual effort.

  1. Using an example of a quasi-experiment of your own choosing/design, explain why quasi-experiments generally have lower internal validity than true experiments?
  2. Children who watch a lot of violence on television grow up to be more violent than children who watch less violent television. The “directionality” problem is that

(a) no one knows how much television you must watch to be violent

(b) not all children who watch a lot of television are violent

(c) some violent television is not of interest to children

(d) violent children may watch more violent tv or violent tv may make normal children violent

  1. Which variable is manipulated in an experiment?

(a) dependent

(b) independent

(c) control

(d) extraneous

  1. Ralph lets subjects listen to “beeps” in their headphones that represent tension or anxiety in their brainwaves. He hopes they can learn to relax by keeping the beeps turned off. However, some subjects get more relaxed because they expect the treatment to work. This “expectation” is called

(a) the anticipatory variable effect

(b) the untreated effect

(c) the placebo effect

(d) laboratory effect

5. If a significant correlation is found between X and Y, that means that

a. X may cause Y

b. Y may cause X

c. A third variable may cause X and Y

d. a and b are correct

e. a, b, and c are correct

  1. In a sample of 300 teenagers, a negative correlation is found between the number of friends they have and the number of hours per week they spend playing video games.
  1. Describe how the directionality/bidirectionality problem applies
  2. Identify/describe at least one “third variable” that could reasonably account for the correlation between X and Y. Explain your answer.

7. Which of the following is not a criterion of scientific investigations?

a. problems must be solvable

b. observations must be conducted systematically

c. researchers must agree regarding how data should be interpreted

d. research findings must be publicly verifiable

e. theories must be falsifiable

8. A researcher conducted an experiment to investigate the effects of noise on the work performance of employees in a manufacturing plant. In this study, the dependent variable is

a. noise

b. work performance

c. the employees

d. the manufacturing plant

e. none of the above

9. When simple random assignment is used

a. each participant has an equal probability of being placed in any experimental condition

b. participants are assigned to conditions on the basis of their personal characteristics

c. the same participant serves in more than one condition of the design

d. participants select the condition in which they will participate

e. any of the above can be true

10. Which of the following is true about a factorial design?

a. it has more than one dependent variable.

b. it involves the manipulation of two or more variables.

c. it is not a true experimental design.

d. allows the researcher to test only main effects.

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What career management stage are you currently in?

  • Describe your next stage and map out how you’ll get there.

Please respond to the post of at least one other student.

Student Respond:

The first thing I want to say is good luck to everyone in their

future endeavors. This has not been easy, completing my bachelor’s is my

greatest achievement and I will never forget how hard but satisfying

the road has been. We are all more than what our job title is. As we

grow in our careers we will be able to give back to those around us by

being an inspiration to others. Never forget the help that has been

given to you so you can pay it forward.

I was on track to become a Manager/GM at my employer and getting my bachelor’s completed would have been the last step in making that jump from a department manager to my building’s upper management team. POOF and just like that everything changes.

I have been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases and it has inflicted damage to my joints. I can no longer do my job at my company and have been on short-term and now long-term disability while Insurance and my doctor fight it out over needed surgical procedures. I have had to apply for SSDI and awaiting to see if I will be disabled by the government. Unfortunately, my company came to the conclusion that I will not be returning because they asked me to step down so that they could fill the much-needed leadership position in my department. I humbly accepted their needs over mine, but it stung.

This has only made me change my plans. I do not intend to stay on disability for the rest of my life. I have more to offer an employer. I will not be able to climb to roofs or crawl through a maze of conveyor framing to fix an electric power supply. So I have decided to look for a position that I can do remotely. After much research, I am planning on becoming a loan officer/mortgage loan originator. I have three more classes at strayer before I graduate in December. Then I will have to pass a federal and state exam before shopping for my future employer.

Do not say poor guy, or feel sorry for me. I do not need pity. I am more than capable of working. I have just had a setback. It has made me look at a career with less physical demands is all. My mind is sharper and my abilities with it are more valuable than ever. I will overcome!

Link of the Video: https://youtu.be/rC6lv9Zth7c

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Assignment Solutions


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Central Georgia Technical Col

The Professional Experience assignments have been designed to help
prepare you for communicating in a professional work setting. When you
are writing in the workplace, it is essential to make sure that you
carefully follow any specific directions you receive. Sending poorly
formatted or poorly written communications to managers or coworkers is
not something you want to do! To earn full credit, make sure you
complete all elements and follow the instructions exactly as written.
Assignments that follow directions as written will receive full credit.


If you submit your Professional Experience assignment before the
due date and you are not satisfied with your grade, you may resubmit it
one time before the due date for a new grade.


Last week, you created a PowerPoint presentation; next week, you
will submit an audio or video recording of that presentation. For this
week’s Professional Experience, you will create an outline for your
recorded presentation. You may use the outline example provided or
create your own for this Professional Experience.




  • Download and review the Presentation Outline Sample [XLSX].
  • Save the outline template to your desktop using the following file name format:
    • LastName_Presentation_Outline
      • Example file name: Smith_Presentation_Outline
  • Review the outline guidelines that you will use to create an outline.




Outline guidelines:


  1. You may use the provided Presentation Outline Sample or develop
    one of your own using MS Word or Excel. In either format, include the
    key elements: slide number, slide title, slide content, and narrative.
  2. Write short bullet points, not long paragraphs.
  3. Focus only on the key points in your Week 6 presentation.
  4. Remember that the content should focus on a specific aspect of
    social media use in the workplace, such as the importance of companies
    embracing social media, advertising through social media, establishing
    policies involving social media, or communicating properly and
    professionally through social media platforms.
  5. Save all changes you made to your document. If you are not
    using the outline sample provided, be sure that you follow the file
    naming convention specified in the instructions.

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Assignment Solutions


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Central Georgia Technical Col

I’m working on a business discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

From  what was learned through the Operation Management Course, which topic  do you believe will have the most significant impact in your career and  why?

Lastly, respond to at least one (1) post of your peers.

Hello class and Professor,

It has been a great joy to learn so much from the coursework, professors, and all of you. I wish all of you great success in the future. Keep your nose to the grindstone and continue to learn in every class that you take. Each course gets you one step closer to the ultimate goal!

This week’s discussion post reflects what topic we believe will have the most impact on our careers and why?

The topic that I found most impactful and could influence my career the most is operations strategy. I have worked for various service organizations in the past and gained a deeper understanding of the trade-offs that any business would go through concerning how they deliver corporate objectives through effective operational strategies. I reviewed the different types of operations strategy frameworks and then thought back to how each organization I worked for had essentially applied different frameworks in different ways to impact the organizational outcomes I realized that this is a good way for me to view how the company that I work for goes to market and whether or not they can be successful.

I worked for a small regional grocery chain early in my career and can now see how there were disconnects between the corporate strategy and the operations framework. Managers delivered metrics that did not line up with an accurate view of both the operations infrastructure or the corporate objectives. After I left the company, they were out of business within five years. The company I most recently worked for is beginning to travel down a similar path, and as their business model has changed within the past few years, they seem to be struggling to find a straightforward way to show line-level managers and employees the connection between the work and the corporate objectives.

Reviewing the operations strategies of healthy companies caused me to see how the connection between the competitive priorities, corporate objectives, and operational strategies is a tricky balance, but when companies get these elements right, the business thrives.

I wish all of you well in your future endeavors.

Have a great last week! 

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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