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Case Study: Netflix Goes for Broke

Write 1 thoughtful question for the presenter that draws on either their professional experience (if the case study is being presented by a guest speaker) or the industry being discussed (if the case study is being presented by Prof. C or the GAs) and one or more relevant media industry concepts from the course.

Questions will receive either 0, 5, or 10 points based on their level of thoughtfulness, relevance, and depth.

A 10 point question… will demonstrate critical thinking about the industry that will be discussed. Questions will make appropriate reference to examples from the speaker’s biography or the assigned readings. Questions will also make correct and critical use of one or more key terms or concepts from course readings or lecture. For example, a 10 point question might ask “Your biography mentioned that you are a Senior Producer for CNN Digital. What kinds of demographic and psychographic data about your audiences do you have access to, and in what ways have you seen that information influence editorial meetings for better or worse?”

A 5 point question… lacks the clarity of a 10 point question but still makes an attempt to connect examples and course concepts. For example, “The readings for this case study pointed out how many other businesses are involved in the NYT distribution. How does the NYT manage this risk?”

A 0 point question… does not demonstrate critical engagement with either industry questions or course content. Questions that could be answered by anyone in media (i.e. What advice would you give to students looking for a job in your industry?) will receive 0 points. Questions that do not make use of course concepts, use them in the wrong context, or do not demonstrate knowledge (i.e. Your biography says that you were a lawyer for financial technology companies, how did you avoid copyright lawsuits?) will also receive 0 points. Questions that are not explicitly relevant to the speaker or industry will also receive 0 points.

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