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Case Study #1-Perceptions- Real World Application

Now that you have had an opportunity to experience perception through your own eyes, the following case will have you review Real World Scenarios that are taking place in our country. Using what you have learned this week, provide your perception of the following scenarios: respond to the following scenarios:


This exercise will call into action your perception of the selected topics. Be sure to answer each question thoroughly, using your text and the perceptions exercises.

I. Answer the following questions: (60 pts)

1. What is perception?

2. What causes people to have different perceptions of the same situation?

3. Can people be mistaken in their perceptions?

4. Does perception really affect outcomes?

5. What is personality and how does it affect behavior?

6. Can emotions help or get in the way when dealing with others?

II. Research and share your perceptions of one (1) of the following topics: (60 pts)

1. Select one topic (see below)and provide a written overview of the topic. You must

use at least two sources: one that supports your perception and one that opposes

your perception.

a. “Make America Great Again” Slogan: Is it patriotic or does it insight violence?

b. Police Brutality on African-Americans- Based on your perceptions, how do you feel about this topic?

c. Mass/School Shootings- Based on your perceptions, is this a problem and what can be done to correct it?

d. The tariff war between the U.S. and China: which economy will suffer more?

2. Select one article that supports your perception.

3. Select one article that is opposite of your perception.

4. Be sure to site both articles in your paper.

5. Has your perception changed regarding your topic?

III. Read the following statement and answer the following questions: (10 pts)

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1. What were your initial thoughts? Were you surprised with the outcome?

IIII. What are your overall thoughts about Perception? How have your views on perception changed since completing these assignments? Why or Why not? (10 pts)

V. Conclusion (10 pts)

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Assignment Solutions