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Being Accepted Versus Being Liked

Assignment 2: May Synopsis and Reflection due June 30


Based on the practicum journal/log that covers your activities and experiences, provide a synopsis of and a reflection on the work done at the site in June. Use headings for each of the 3 parts. This does not have to be signed by the site supervisor. Submit via Canvas as a file (preferably in PDF format or Word document).

Format This paper must be 3-4 pages long (approximately 1500-2000 words, 500 words per page): Use 12 pt. font, single spacing, normal margins. There is no need to include a list of references in this assignment.

Part I. Detailed Description of Practicum Activities during the month of June (not to exceed one page)

1. Activities /Tasks & their approximate timeline

2.Total number of hours accrued during this month

3. Contributions of the activities and tasks

Part II. Reflections on the Experience (approximately one page)

Reflecting on the learning contract goals and the activities and tasks you summarized above, provide a reflection on your experience thus far. How have you been meeting the goals? Share accomplishments or any challenges and how you are working to overcome them.

Part III. Reflection on Your Growth (approximately one page)

Please respond to both questions listed below allocating about one page for both, around 250 words minimum for each question. Make connections with the content of our class discussions in Canvas as well as the many fascinating concepts presented in the textbook chapters 1-12.

1.Have you had a successful internship thus far? Have you done a good job? Have you experienced setbacks, small or large and how often have you been able to hang in there and keep trying?

2.Have you changed as a learner? Have you looked for and found opportunities to learn? When learning has been difficult, how have you risen to the challenge and found ways to engage it and move through it? (Refer to textbook p. 345).

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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