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Psychology professionals, such as caseworkers and therapists, often think in terms of human development when assessing problems that individuals, couples, or families bring to them. Caseworkers, therapists, or other psychology professionals may take notes to document the situation and make interpretations and recommendations. This assignment will give you the opportunity to apply developmental theories in a hypothetical clinical setting while imagining yourself in one of these roles.


In the What You Need to Know activity this week, you explored the Human Development Case Studies multimedia piece. For this assignment, select one of the case studies to analyze, either Emilio or Brenda. I chose Brenda.

Imagine that you are a caseworker or any other psychology professional gathering information from a client represented by either Brenda or Emilio. Based on the information presented, consider the developmental challenges the person is facing. Then, identify at least two developmental theories (such as attachment, cognitive development, moral development, psychosocial development, et cetera), and apply the theories to understand the person in the scenario.

While it is not possible to fully understand the person in the scenario based on the limited information provided, there are a number of developmental theories that can provide context and offer a possible framework for understanding the person’s attitudes and behaviors.


Using the scenario and theories you selected, complete the Human Development Worksheetby addressing the following:

  • Give a brief overview of the chosen scenario in your own words.
  • Describe the stage or stages of each theory that are most applicable to the current phase of life of the person discussed in the case study. Describe in some details the stage of life according to the theory. (For example, in Erikson’s psychosocial development theory a child who is 4 years old is in the stage of “initiative versus guilt.”)
  • Explain how the theory helps to understand their development and their situation.
  • Search the library for at least two scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles (or search for the library for one and use one from the list above) that provide research about the concerns faced by the person in the chosen case study.
  • Describe how the research from the articles applies to the person in the scenario you selected.
  • Apply the theories to describe how they help us to better understand this particular person at the current point of life based on the concerns and their impact on the person’s well-being.
Assignment Requirements
  • Written communication: Writing should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: References and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
  • sources attached

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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