C.A.F.O.s Assignment

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I posted my assignment and example of C.A.F.O.s. slides below.

For this assignment you are going to make a Power Point presentation of images pertaining to C.A.F.O.s and Soil Runoff. I encourage you all to work together but you should submit your own work and not use the same images of your peers (trust me, there are a lot of C.A.F.O.s out there! 🙁 . You will find pictures of C.A.F.O.s using Google Maps and taking screen shots of those areas and inserting the pictures into a Power Point file. I have attached a Power Point file to this assignment post with some example pictures. You will be required to find 5 images using google maps of each of the following: cows, chickens, hogs, and farm soil runoff. This is a total of 20 pictures that you will be submitting. To find out where these C.A.F.O.s are, you can use Google to search for states that have these types of C.A.F.O.s. A cow C.A.F.O. is different from a chicken C.A.F.O., so be sure to “ask” Google for help in identifying these types of C.A.F.O.s from satellite images. For farmland soil runoff, this happens when soil from farm erodes into waterways and thus clog up waterways. This as well can be seen from space. See the attached Power Point file for an example of this phenomenon.

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Assignment Solutions