business ethics

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Chapter 8 (300 words

  • The opening vignette is an inspiring example of social entrepreneurship. Why do you think there are not more examples of intertwining social commitment and entrepreneurship?
  • Do you believe that a business’s carbon footprint will be an important competitive issue in the future?

Case Study 4 Tokyo Electric Power(500 words)

  • Develop a time line of all of the activities at TEPCO during the disaster.
  • Can these events be placed on the shoulders of just one group? Why or why not?
  • Can those who were harmed by the TEPCO events ever truly be compensated for their loss?
  • What are the benefits of nuclear power if disasters like this can happen? Is it worth it, or are there too many ethical and environmental problems to deal with?

Chapter 9 (400 words)

  • Your boss has presented the idea of using homeless people in a project similar to what BBH Labs has done. What would you tell him? If your boss was determined to move forward with the project, what would you do?
  • Is there any difference between paying a homeless man to work in the United States for $20 a day and paying an 11-year-old girl to work for $2 a day in India? Explain your position.

Chapter 10: (300 words)

  • Why is there such concern about protecting children from marketing and advertising?
  • What should consumers demand when companies recall products? What are the ethical considerations for recalls?

Case 24: WorldCom: Can You Hear the Lawsuits Now?Lawsuits Now? (500 words)

  1. Why do you suppose Bernard Ebbers was treated more like the leader of a cult than as a CEO? Explain.
  2. Evaluate the recommendations in the Breeden Report. Will these accomplish the objectives they are supposed to achieve?
  3. Do you view Cynthia Cooper as an ethics exemplar in this case? Explain.
  4. Arthur Andersen auditors would not speak with Cynthia Cooper, saying they reported to Sullivan. Is it correct to say that a public company’s auditors speak only with one person in the organization? Explain.

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