Biology linked to criminology

Need help with my Biology question – I’m studying for my class.

I am looking for someone who can help me find a topic presentation that link criminology to biology.

The professor gave me some directives such as: “Criminal behavior is associated with a mutation in …. gene”I think criminal behavior is going to be hard to associate with a gene. So, I am okay to have another topic easy to find and to understand and explain.

I need the tutor to find the topics and do the writing/powerpoint, choose cases , data/ graph to support.

I am looking for something quick that can hold in only 10 minutes.

Some directives:

This presentation is ARGUMENTATIVE and hypothesis driven. Choose your argument and support it with actual data. Make sure your presentation teaches me something about the topic I don’t already know, it helps if it is a topic that really actually interests you personally. Keep your scope NARROW and SPECIFIC- Include in-text citations (refer to syllabus) and a work cited page at the end. Don’t use unreliable sources! Google scholar and should be your search engines for this assignment.

One last tip- make sure you have a clearly defined hypothesis/ argument that you present on the first slide, and give a brief “table of contents” or “overview” of how you intend on proceeding to prove this throughout your presentation on the same slide. Example:

“Nitrogenous waste, stemming from poultry farm runoff, is linked to an increase in dinoflagellate blooms off the coast of North Carolina” (Hypothesis)

1. Case study 1 (data and graphs)

2. Case study 2 (data and graphs)

3. Conclusion

4. Possible solutions

5. Work cited

Remember: DO NOT FILL YOUR SLIDES WITH LOTS OF TEXT (use bullet points instead and expound with your own thoughts)- use graphics and pictures that relate to your topic to make your presentation visually interesting. Using the “Design Ideas” tab on Powerpoint will automatically format presentations this way.

Also need some speaker notes with writings below each slide

She is biology professor and she insisted on the fact that we have to teach her something she doesn’t already know

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