Biology lab, no outside sources

I’m trying to learn for my Biology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

General Instructions

  1. Read and complete the Lesson for the week – both the Lecture and Lab portion found in the APUS online classroom! The information you acquire in this Lab will be included in your quiz for the week – so make sure you have it completed prior to taking the quiz!
  2. Complete all the activities in this lab instruction packet: SCIN 130 Lab 4: Stickleback Evolution, Part 2. Work through the instruction packet step by step. Record your results in the worksheet as you progress through this instruction packet.
  3. You should save a copy of your completed lab with your name and lab # in the title. For example, if you are Felicetti and this is lab 4, you would title your document: FelicettiLab4.doc. You are then to add this as an attachment to this assignment!

Please note the following:

For any technical support (e.g., taking and uploading screenshots, etc.) please reach out to APUS Classroom Support at or by using the Help link on the left menu in the APUS online classroom.

For any sections that request that you “take notes”, the notes should be in your own words summarizing information learned. You should not copy and paste information from the Internet including media and resources accessed in this lab. Directly copying and pasting information is considered plagiarism in this course.

When taking screenshots save with file name that has your last name, the lab number and the screenshot number. For example, for the first screenshot in lab 4 if your last name was Felicetti the file name would be FelicettiLab4Shot1.jpeg. It is important to follow this image labeling structure. Images submitted without proper labeling will be graded as a zero.



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Launch Lab: The Virtual Stickleback Evolution Lab

At the end of this lesson it may need a screenshot with my name entered, Please enter in Clorissa Jones for the screen shot. Thank you!

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions