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Once you have decided on your microbe, you need to contribute to the discussion that is set up in the “discussion” tab to list the disease and causative agent that you have settled on. Please do this as soon as possible to secure the subject because each project must be original. No duplicates will be accepted. NOTE: Some pathogens may cause multiple diseases. Some diseases may be caused by multiple pathogens. If this is the case for your disease or pathogen, simply narrow your focus. Pick one and work on your presentation using the specific disease and causative agent. 3. The grading rubric that I use to assess your presentation is also included in the “Individual Assignment” Module. Please use it as a guide to prepare your presentation. 4. I have posted a video entitled “Helpful Hints” in the “Individual Assignment” module describing the terminology on the rubric and what is expected of you as you address each of the points. 5. You will compile a presentation in PowerPoint format to be submitted on canvas via “Studio” including at least the following information: Pathogenic agent(s): (Name, morphology, staining/metabolic characteristics) (5 points) Etiology / Manifestation of the disease(s) (10 points) Pathogenesiso Portals of entry and infection route (5 points)o Virulence factors(10 points)o Epidemiology of the disease (10 points)o Public Health responses & prevention(7 points) Credit slides: (3 points) o Include the source of the information on each slide as a URL at bottom of slideo Include a “works cited” slide to list all of the references which were utilizedEach presentation should be 7-10 minutes long. Graphic pictures demonstrating disease manifestation are allowed (these are actually quite interesting and highly encouraged), but your presentation should include more than just graphic pictures. PLEASE DO NOT JUST READ FROM YOUR POWERPOINT SLIDES!!! I can read for myself. Become educated on your topic and use the screen as a prompt for your talk. SUBMISSION:

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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