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Lab Practical 2 Review Guide

Lab practical exams focus on information and visuals from the labs that you have performed so far. You will be tested on content knowledge, but you should pay close attention to pictures and diagrams when studying for a practical. This Lab Practical covers Lab 5 through Lab 7.

  1. Review the how to measure CO2 dissolved in water from lab 5 at this link:
  2. Review the cellular respiration equation from Lab 5.
  3. Review the results of the pea seed and cellular respiration from Lab 5.
  4. Review the results of cellular respiration after exercise from Lab 5.
  5. Review the stages of cellular respiration and how much ATP is produced from Lab 5.
  6. Review the results of the yeast in balloons from Lab 5.
  7. Review the difference between plant cell and animal cell cytokinesis from Lab 6 at this link:
  8. Review the structure of DNA from Lab 6.
  9. Review the stages and length of phases of mitosis from Lab 6.
  10. Review what happens in each stage of mitosis from Lab 6.
  11. Review the difference between haploid and diploid cells from Lab 6.
  12. Review how to set up and complete punnett squares from Lab 7 at this link:
  13. Review blood types and codominance from Lab 7.
  14. Review incomplete dominance from Lab 7.
  15. Review how to complete pedigrees from Lab 7.
  16. Review how to complete dihybrid crosses from Lab 7.
  17. Review sex-linked colorblind monohybrid punnett squares from Lab 7.
  18. Review the ratios that result from counting the traits in corn as opposed to the ratios from punnett squares in Lab 7.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions