//baldspotsports.com/ Case: Bald Spot Sports (BSS) is an Indianapolis based company that supplies racing equipment to the motorsports industry.


Case: Bald Spot Sports (BSS) is an Indianapolis based company that supplies racing equipment to the motorsports industry. The firm produces items such as seat inserts and also distributes racing products from other equipment suppliers. Ms. Sylvia Anderson, the sales manager for BSS, is contemplating the industry trade shows at which the company should exhibit during the next trade show season that runs November, December, January. BSS has exhibited at various shows in the past. The three major shows in the motorsports industry are SEMA, Performance Racing Industry (PRI), and Autosport International. She is considering only these three shows. Booth space at the shows and travel can be expensive, so she needs to investigate the total cost to participate for any given event. She will only purchase a 10×10 sq ft. booth space. No additional exhibit material will be purchased from a show. Any materials or exhibit items that she needs for the show will be checked as baggage on the plane or carry in a BSS vehicle. She will exhibit at more than one show this season given the increased sales this year. Working beside her at the shows this season will be Paul Clark, the top sales person for BSS. Thus, she will require two hotel rooms…one for her and one for Paul. Ms. Anderson needs to determine which shows are the most appropriate for her products and devise potential metrics to measure the company’s return on investment (ROI) for the total dollars spent exhibiting at the shows. She needs to present her analysis and proposed trade show schedule to the marketing manager by the end of the month. Please note that choosing not to exhibit at any of the shows or just one show are not options. Also, just attending but not exhibiting is not an option. If she chooses to attend PRI, she will not need hotel rooms. If she chooses to attend SEMA, she and Paul will fly to the show. BSS is not a member of SEMA.

4. Analyzing the Solutions You must construct a detailed table using a column for each show giving the detailed, itemized and total costs for each show.

Again, you cannot use estimates or ranges. You must select an actual hotel, an actual airline flight, etc… Note the good and bad points and other things which are relevant to each show. However, still refrain from evaluating the shows. Again, you will provide a comprehensive analysis of the actual cost data relating to exhibiting at the trade shows, as well as determining costs related to travel, lodging, dining, ground transportation, etc… Please note you will need to convert Pounds (£) to Dollars and meters to feet for AutoSport International. Please note the Euro (€) is not involved in this case. Also, using the excuse “I could not find the costs for the booths so I did not do so” is not acceptable. I would not have created this case if such information was not available. If you are having difficulty in locating the digital brochure for AutoSport…look under the Exhibiting button and click on digital brochure. The rates are on the last page of the brochure. If you have trouble findings the costs, contact me. You must use the same booth size for each show to provide an accurate comparison. Each trade show website does provide exhibit costs. Explore the exhibitors section to find the information. Discussion of ROI does not belong in this section. It belongs in the next section

5. 5. Selecting the Best Solution Now is the time to look through the various influencing factors for each possible show and decide which shows to keep and which to disregard. Provide an evaluation for all shows and then select the best solution and provide the reasons why. Also provide possible potential Return on Investment (ROI) measures to determine the effectiveness of the show participation. Do not attempt to calculate actual ROI – this is impossible in this situation because of missing information. I am merely asking you to identify potential measures that can be used

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