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An equal opportunity to get an education and employment and make their dream possible. A policy such as this one would be excellent because oppressed groups have been put down to a point where they felt they could never be in a position to rise up. Affirmative action leads to motivating women and previously disenfranchised groups to go for what they never thought possible. On the downside, affirmative action can also lead to chaos within the workplace. Employees that are not a part of the oppressed group will like they will experience reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination in the workplace would be that they are overlooked because of their background. An employer can add to their affirmative action policy can give the option to check a box stating whether or not they belong to an oppressed group or minority.

Another thing an employer can add to their is limiting how many people they can hire from diverse groups. The downside to having quotas is that an employer may be too hasty to decide who to hire for the allotment. (Affirmative Action – Overview, Advantages, and Disadvantages 2020)


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There is a plethora of arguments that can be made in both support and opposition of Affirmative Action. It came into effect in the 60’s by the government to promote equal opportunity in the workplace. Those who favor affirmative action argue that from a profitability standpoint, diversity in the workplace is good for a company’s bottom line especially when it comes to minorities in leadership roles and broad positions. There are also arguments that when approximately 30 percent of more women are on a board of directors, behaviors begin to change, governance improves, and discussions become richer. Also, it can be argued that businesses that are more willingly compliant with equal opportunity law have more lucrative opportunities. Some may also argue that it provides equal opportunity to disadvantage groups and families who may have a lower socioeconomic status and gives them a chance to climb the socioeconomic ladder. It can also be argued that affirmative action results in overall growth and development of human capital in the economy, along with potentially higher standards of living and per capita income.

While there are benefits or arguments in support there are also those who are opposed to the idea of affirmative action. It can be perceived that hiring decision are based on meeting required guidelines of affirmative action instead of overall qualifications of an applicant. Affirmative action could also pose psychological ramifications as they can potentially stigmatize certain women and minority employees who may endure suspicious glares from coworkers who question the motivation behind their hires. Some groups argue that it can lead to reverse discrimination against individuals and groups who are not seen as oppressed or disadvantaged. Within education it can be argued that it devalues the meritocracy system by encouraging universities to admit more students of a particular race, or gender.

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Written job requirements can be effective for management and the organization. The written statement of the jobs gives the description of the general duties, tasks, and responsibilities. A written job description can lead to finding the right talent needed for the open position. It will also bring in people who know what they are getting into when applying for the job. However, the job description should leave some space for vagueness so that in the future, if there are any changes, it would be easy to transition into the change. (Writing an Effective Job Description)

The written job requirement will help the manager stay in control of employee performance, as well. The written statement will guide the employee in the manager’s absence, so if they forget anything from the list of things to do, they can have it right in front of them. Finally, one of the good reasons to write out a job description is to help a manager figure out what they expect and want from an employee. (White, 2015)


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Writing job descriptions and or requirements to some can be an onerous task, but they are quite beneficial to an organization. As a general manager I believe well written job requirements would help me manage my unit quite well. It would help me as a manager and my perspective candidates clearly understand the expectations of the role and essential duties along with required competences. It would help me with external and internal recruitment which would allow me to retain and motivate the best talent and ensure the expectations of an employee are aligned with business expectations. A well written job description or requirements would help me to determine the market value of a role and help ensure my compensation structure is aligned with it is compared to other jobs. Most importantly it would help my organization stay in compliance with existing employment laws such as Fair Labor standards Act, Equal employment opportunity. Another critical aspect it would help me do is people planning as it pertains to succession planning, training and development and performance.

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